Friday, November 1, 2013

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Province Province Star capsule factory production line where the former head of Xu Xueming up to it, I tell you, most of the Hebei say they are called Hengshui area. According to the clues, the reporter then went to trace the white bag, Hengshui, Hebei, gelatin truth. Hebei Academic foreign gelatin factory is located in Hengshui Fucheng County, with an annual production scale of thousands of tons of gelatin, is a production permit access to food additives business. In this factory warehouse, the reporter saw a large white bag packing gelatin. According to a factory manager, they plant last year produced more than one thousand tons of this white bag of gelatin, most of which were sold to Zhejiang Xinchang area medicinal capsules plant. Hebei Academic foreign gelatin plant manager Song Jie Xun there are to Xinchang there, the first year I told you my seventy to eighty percent of the glue ran to the other side. Reporter givenchy shoes last year. The manager told reporters that the reason why white bag packing gelatin cheaper because of the use of an inexpensive blue leather as raw material, with this blue blues gelatin industry called blue skin glue. Zhejiang Xinchang Town, some of the processing plant Ru39ao medicinal capsule gelatin used in white bags, in fact, is this blue skin glue. Reporters in the name of the manager under the leadership of the socalled blue leather saw the true face of plastic raw materials. Factory open space, far from looking over the field like garbage collection, the reporter thought they piled stuff is garbage and waste production factory, came closer they would understand, these are the kinds of crushed leather, exudes a pungent odor. According to this manager, this leather is blue vitriol broken skin, commonly known as blue leather industry, in fact, from the tanneries tanned leather upper cut down waste, so the price is cheap, as long as a few hundred givenchy men dollars per ton. Tanned leather is usually used to process leather belt leather shoes and other leather products, these cheap leather scraps they plant acquisitions were processed into the socalled blueskin glue factory to sell some of the capsules, made of medicinal capsules supply pharmaceutical production capsule drugs.

Chinese Pharmacopoeia, the production of medicinal raw materials used in gelatin capsules should be at least edible gelatin standards. In accordance with industry standards edible gelatin, edible gelatin skin and bones of animals should be used as a raw material, etc., prohibited the use of any after tanning tannery industrial waste. Well, this was banned the use of industrial waste leather exactly how it turned into raw medicinal capsules Xueyang gelatin factory in Hebei, the reporter witnessed the whole process. These dirty, smelly broken leather first pretreatment. Reporters generally also add your words what materials do Hebei Academic foreign gelatin plant manager Song Xun Jie gray, add lime.

Reporter is quicklime. Hebei Academic foreign gelatin plant manager givenchy sneakers Song Xun Jie quicklime. After treatment with lime must be crushed leather bleaching bleaching and repeated washing. Reporters you this bleaching process is what craft ah Hebei Academic foreign gelatin plant manager Song Xun Jie acid neutralization. Reporter acid neutralization, acid and alkali chant Hebei Academic foreign gelatin plant manager Song Xun Jie right. In this way, the original dirty, smelly industrial leather scrap, through the expansion of industrial acid and alkali lime dipping in a series of repeated washing and bleaching treatment processes, become white and tender, looks like no different fresh raw animal skins . Hebei Academic foreign gelatin plant manager Song Jie Xun.

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