Friday, November 1, 2013

givenchy pandora givenchy men givenchy t shirts

Saw the urgency to strengthen market supervision. Really need to be wary of, is that some people with superficial logic prove sinister businessman could not do anything, and some regulators followed echoed each other, in order to relieve the consumer a reasonable doubt and consumer concerns, making peace and harmony illusion. The most typical logic is informal enterprises will not dry mourning days wicked thing, an inference is that problems are mostly small businesses, large corporations do not. There is an economic logic, that if mixed with poison to make false savings effect is very small, companies will not make false mixed poison. But the fact is, if the lack of supervision, informal enterprises is entirely possible to become a blackhearted businessman, and mixed poison to make fake meager profits again, there will be companies to take the risk. Excessive chrome leather gelatin medicine, reminiscent of a host of a recently CCTV microblogging broke the news that the leather gelatin make yogurt. Relevant trade associations strongly denied this possibility, their evidence is purely logical gelatin in yogurt is a small part of the cost, enterprise worthwhile. There is also a strange logic is that milk prices through the melamine incident, no longer afford to hurt, so they will not do anything silly. After this logic indoctrination, broke like nothing. This logic is very convincing on the surface, and more importantly, it is very agreeable since the logic of the regulatory authorities givenchy pandora like the illicit production of substandard products proved impossible, regulators can naturally arms warehousing horses on, stolen Vosges half idle. Construct a formal enterprises do not cheat do not be evil logic, in fact, both sides of the illegal production of the enterprise to please cover up the possibility, Yu ease the givenchy men regulatory tired to run around the reality of stress.

But the fact they prove illegal informal enterprises are not patented, illegal production and substandard products may not givenchy t shirts necessarily be nonprofiteer is not. Then add the Sanlu melamine milk prices, etc., are now using the revised Pharmaceutical gelatin capsules leather, not what informal enterprises. As the capsules in packaging small proportion of the cost of drugs, but they did not look down this pharmaceutical petty. Corporate law beyond the possibility of moral bottom line impact, apply an old saying that goes without fail, afraid think. Maybe that medicine is one of our fitness of revelation market regulation should be amended to its own regulatory logic of the socalled informal enterprises do not believe, do not believe in the possibility of all kinds, not superstition logic of profit and costs, regulators must be vicious as starting point, based on the facts, do not easily let go of a trail and a doubt. Informal enterprises chaos, not only proving once again that the assumption of evil human nature, but it is the lack of supervision of the consequences. No regulation, there would be no formal lawabiding corporate citizens leather gelatin medicine raises a worry if it can be used as medicine, why do not want to enter it, Hebei milk production of leather gelatin in the end all went to where nothing bad is not the case . Regulatory authorities should expand the scope of the investigation, the facts to restore people39s confidence in the food and drug safety. Which lasted six months, reporters dozen times to Xinchang investigation, and finally get a clear idea of 82038203this secretly selling white bags gelatin sources.

One worked in Changhua new Star capsule plant contracting capsule production line to the reporter revealed that this mysterious white bag of gelatin, mostly from Hebei and Jiangxi and other places. Zhejiang.

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