Monday, November 4, 2013

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WASHINGTON correspondent Yang Jun reporter Li Yizhong yesterday morning, a small car fell off a handbag, attracted several men fighting, Credit goes to police foiled and lost property returned to the owner. O39clock in the day, a car parked in the song of BYD Avenue Gotz mouth before the bus station, a man buying cigarettes Lakaichemen to hand bag on the seat, closed accidentally fall out of the bag when the oblivious to drive away from men. Falling bag immediately attracted several men fighting for. A man on the bus just eye quick feet, actually from the start suddenly jumped out of the car, grabbed the bag from the floor. Two squatting on the roadside workers seeing, but also regardless of the oncoming vehicle interludes, to seize the man39s wrist, requiring equally. The man picked up the bag refused, the two sides battle.

People witnessed this scene, have stepped forward to block. A young student givenchy clothing look forward accusations, requested that bag back to the owner, is that several men away.

One carrying a basket of old dad saw a police car through, then hailed the police. Police brigade police on the immediate right man for the education, recovery bag and found the bag has Dopod yuan in cash and a cell phone, and immediately put a man jumped from the car track owner, chase water crossing, police received hit their owner on the phone call, ordered bag returned. Chutianjinbao News reporter Deng reported Kim reported hearing people back home, a bag fell on the train, fortunately there is careful conductor retrieve their full property, the owner Mr. He commissioned by this newspaper expressed gratitude to me a return conductor New Year39s good mood Qianri Wan, from Guangzhou HSR back to the Han Chinese New Year Ho, beaming back home, only to find that bag was gone, think carefully, lost in the train, can not help but sorrowed. Handbag, has his social security card and driver39s license, and he deliberately changed the dollars of new money, these notes is to give the home of the children lucky money packet. Originally committed a home give lucky money, but now it has gone wrong, Mr. He lit a little anxious. Just then, the phone rang Mr. Ho is a strange number. Phone, highspeed rail group givenchy parfum conductor told Ho, they picked up a bag, and according to the number on the business card bag fight over asking. Hi Ho suddenly on the heart, carefully check the items in the bag after Ho rushed to the train station, retrieved the bag. At home, Mr. He deliberately call the newspaper, hoping to enthusiastic conductor who committed thank them return the bag, but the return of a New Year39s good mood. WASHINGTON intern reporter Liu Xueyu Yesterday morning, Ms. Lee bus ride car, will be equipped with a bag fell on the car yuan in cash. Hours later, the car conductor Liu Jianyun get in touch with Ms. Lee, the verification will wallet returned. Ms. Lee said that morning and she had her two children on the bus go from Tian Cheng Hsieh new hair northbound station. Driving with her handbag to enrollment dollars, on the road because of a child crying, get off accidentally fall handbag. Discovery packet loss, she hastened to check the bus company39s phone looking for. At the same time, the conductor Liu Jianyun found Ms. Lee lost handbag, she and the driver Liu Chunmao report to the team, contact the owner as soon as possible to discuss. givenchy handbags Morning at half past, Ms. Li and bus.

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