Friday, November 15, 2013

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Or from the aesthetic, givenchy parfums black handbag is definitely the choice for the first lady wore exceptions detailed literary young girls over the years, although exceptions have never looked brand ambassador ever done, but also silently followed the congenial and associated The tradition of cooperation independent artists folk singer Zhang shallow dive exception shoot wearing personal concert singer Dadawa exception provided by the shape of the overall image of the actress Zhao Tao wearing a dress to attend various exceptions provided premiere slightly inventory, this list is an amazing literary coffee lineup. Detailed Chinese fashion industry expect the economy President First Lady39s first visit to Madame Peng Liyuan dress attracted wide attention, she wore the clothing brand to become the focus of discussion. Chinese fashion industry can look forward to a fashion industry to promote Chinese First Lady, Michelle Obama as the U.S. as the British Princess Kate. Detailed When your old suit no longer good enough for you portly figure, you how to givenchy pandora medium do South Korea a commodity company recently came up with a ridiculous idea, to help people solve this problem. The company recovered a large number of old clothes, a cleverly designed to be converted into quite the tidal range of children39s hand bag. The old suit bag all the materials come from waste. Hand carry bag is from the old cut down on the leather sofa, the subject is the old suit, to beautiful, inside also with a corresponding color of the old shirt. The suit pocket that allows you to classify ground put some small things piecemeal, while their suits and shirts fabric color and style, but also for the whole bag to bring a good texture. WASHINGTON reporter Pingxiao Chen Chongqing Evening News correspondent Xu Peng Xu Lijun month, at the Taiyuan Railway Station waiting room, Mr. Wang looked satiated bag whirring Shuiqi big sleep, do not want to wake up to catch the train, he has listed forgot to bag behind, thanks to help the police was able to preserve their property. Day o39clock, Mr. Wang Taiyuan, because of the public to travel, negotiate a deal, Mr. Wang dinner party took some shots. That night, he came to Taiyuan Railway Station ready to return. Watching trips too early episodes of Mr. Wang liquor will head in a bag lying asleep on a bench in the station together. When he woke up, stumbled out of the waiting room of a train to catch, he suddenly remembered that he was still on the bench bag, bag in addition to nearly yuan in cash, as well as more than one yuan of bank card and buy a new computer hard drives and other valuables.

He nervously folded looking package has disappeared, waiting for him was a duty of the railway police. Mr.

Wang told the police that he had to sleep twice when the police call him and let him pay attention to that package, givenchy clothes but unfortunately he slept too heavy can actually completely unaware, until almost lost belongings. Fengxiao Chen Xu Peng Xu Lijun told Reuters January afternoon, Pingyao Railway Station police WANG Ruigang passengers off the train, it was found during the inspections a black bag, the crowd39s efforts, the bag eventually returned. Afternoon, Pingyao police station passenger train is in full swing to maintain a large number of visitors stop ticket order. Midnight Xu, Wang Rui in the police station passenger safety stops, in order to avoid the tourists losing things, begins the waiting room waiting room of the north began to patrol every corner, and suddenly the south side of a seat in the waiting room found under a black lady handbag, but not on the passenger seat.

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