Wednesday, October 16, 2013

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Million shares of the total share capital, issued after completion of small plates listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. According to its release schedule, the company stock Haining City time promote inquiry to Month Day Month Day, the pricing announcement date is May Day.

The Month Day, Haining City will synchronize online and offline purchase, ie placing objects under the net to inquire placement and online pricing issue to the public investors a combination of which does not exceed the shares issued under the net, representing final release as compared to the number of online distribution by subtracting the number of final release under the net final release.

According to its prospectus shows, givenchy watches Haining China Leather City Co Ltd, a leather professional market development leasing and services, is the city of Haining China Leather organizers and operators. Haining China Leather City is the country39s largest leather professional markets, commodity turnover among the nation39s leather professional market second. The proceeds of the offering of the company will be used for three Haining China Leather City project in addition to the rest of the land premium outside investment, the project total investment is estimated billion, including land premium yuan, raising funds to be used to pay the remaining ten thousand yuan Investment payback period of years. Figure Figure Shipei Lin Wen Shi Peilin Figure Shi Peilin Yangcheng Evening News reporter Shi Peilin Last weekend, Shanghai Huaihai Zhong Road, France Hermes leather artisans tailored for the Chinese audience a show exquisite leather craft a visual feast, opened the sewing time Hermes leather exhibition the world39s first station of the regiment. Sewing time Hermes leather exhibition curator poetry performances by the famous French fashion house in Paris, Mr. curators carefully planned, inspired by the famous art schools Dada leisurely stroll interesting poetic journey lithe aerial scenery inspire elegance and imagination Dream. Hermes leather sewing time into the show, as if embarked on an interesting journey leather library displays numerous rich colors carefully processed Hermes leather Hermes shows six generations of people love the leather of this material and exploration. Canvas refined decoration placed in the frame in all kinds of bags, leather highlight understated and minimalist character. Aristocratic ladies loved Kelly bag and platinum package changing, such as the peacocklike violin arranged vodka wine drum cartridge, and even bras designed specifically for Hermes, these unique collection of design, all full of interesting places to transparent lines hanging in the air, melancholy. Eight unique style pavilion, colored leather bags and leather goods, Hermes presents numerous classic. Scissors, needle and thread these seemingly simple but rich family heritage leather processing tools, afar from the Paris artisans arranged behind an interesting sector. Artisans live show saddle stitch Zhuyuanyurun craftsmanship reflect the brand39s respect for tradition. Sewing time Hermes leather exhibition39s opening reception, the sixth generation of the Hermes givenchy cosmetics family members, Mr. Hermes tells the story of the global artistic director of Hermes leather legend. The leather curator of the exhibition, Mr. also shared ideas. To celebrate the opening of leather exhibition, Hermes leather goods and saddlery Ms. creative director also on the classic platinum package for a new interpretation of the first to launch givenchy pandora mini a mini Birkin bag on the map. This is currently only limited edition pieces in Shanghai bag compact shape, size is only centimeters, can carry on his.

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