Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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Over processing uranium, and then transported to different places for food plants and pharmaceutical companies, add sausage jelly candies in the milk cold noodles and other food and medicine capsules, thus completing a secret gray industrial chain. Under high pressure in the previous fight, chain link or Bengduan, or are latent, or waiting for a comeback.

Morningside Park Dairy Zaixian the scourge other words, if this is not some anonymous, Morningside Park Dairy illegally added leather hydrolyzed protein may become a secret Morningside Park Dairy exposure, from an anonymous letter. This year, the State Administration of Quality Supervision Division received anonymous food, saying, Morningside Park Dairy in the dairy protein powder to add leather to increase protein content. Month Day, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Lanxi Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau of Quality Supervision Bureau of Quality Supervision Bureau of Zhejiang Province, with Morningside Park Dairy conduct surprise checks and seizure kg leather hydrolyzed protein givenchy pandora mini powder, immediately ordered to stop production for rectification. Month Day, Zhejiang Province Bureau of Quality Supervision, Morningside Park, sampling batches of dairy milk drinks semifinished products, semifinished products which contain batch batch finished leather hydrolyzed protein ingredients. After Sales Delivery quality supervision departments to carry out the province according to the company inventory of an investigation outside the province, Zhuji in Zhejiang Jiashan Haining detect LONGYOU leather hydrolyzed proteincontaining dairy products, Morningside Park, boxes and sealed in place. In addition, Morningside Park, Cixi Zhuji from dairy milk drinks and other places recall boxes, which boxes were found to contain leather hydrolyzed protein. Month Day, Lanxi City Public Security Bureau, Morningside Park Dairy legal representative Mao Jianhua, who implemented Detention. Leather hydrolyzed givenchy rain boots protein, is hydrolyzed leather by chemical methods. Because animal fur is the main component of protein, added to foods to increase protein content. And melamine is different, genuine leather hydrolyzed protein is a protein, if added to dairy products, is difficult to monitor chemical melamine difficulty. In other words, if this is not some anonymous, Morningside Park Dairy adding illegal additives may become a secret. Reporters get the message that the product was brought Morningside Park, panic, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places began to trace these added leather givenchy jeans hydrolyzed protein powder milk, but no one seized cities. Even its place of origin, Jinhua Lanxi, drink milk morning people rarely park. Located in Lanxi, Jinhua Shi Dang Village Morningside Park Dairy, who is a multiple worker manufacturers, is the village39s economy.

Dairy workers in Morningside Park, can often get a lot of money income. According to its website, the business day the actual production capacity tons, in years to obtain pasteurized dairy lactic acid in milk and milk drinks beverage production license. Month Day, the plant was shut down. Workers lost their jobs. There are ways of young people rushed to the field, leaving the women and the sick and elderly Moriie. Morningside Park Dairy and economic lifeline of this small village is closely related. Morningside Park Dairy a collapse, stone dang Village becomes an ordinary small village. A woman pulls out two from home has been preserved, Morningside Park Dairy milk bottles, drink the liquid inside has long been empty. She is in the factory yard work, responsible for the production date label affixed to the bottles, dollar income every month. She said the festival, the factory sent a box of milk, Morningside Park, Morningside Park, a box of yogurt, have been drinking, and adults drink, children drink. They do not know these milk have problems after drinking too little feeling. Now know that cattle.

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