Wednesday, October 16, 2013

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Safety special rectification work, especially for milk and dairy products to add leather hydrolyzate violations monitored. Years, quality inspection departments found Park Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jinhua Chen added in milk drinks leather hydrolyzed protein violations, according to the law dealt with severely. Years, AQSIQ again with the Ministry of Agriculture and other ministries jointly issued guidance on the conduct of illegal manufacture and sale of leather scrap leather protein powder products rectification work notice, clear requirements prohibited the use of leather protein powder leather scrap products as food ingredients, plus Big crackdown.

Li Yuanping said AQSIQ welcome the community to call the complaint hotline to provide clues, or report givenchy online directly to the local quality supervision departments. According to the AQSIQ to experts, is the use of socalled leather milk has been abandoned animal hair animal leather products leather hydrolyzed protein hydrolysis after being mixed into the milk to increase the protein content of products. Month givenchy homme Day Hangzhou, Zhejiang Online News trainee reporter correspondent Wang Yang o39clock this afternoon, I root bell, Ben news hotline received netizen rebellion, said Longwan a synthetic tanneries burst fire, smoke billowed from the scene, the fire givenchy jacket was fierce. Reporter then contacted the fire department in Wenzhou, confirmed the news. Fire tanneries located in Wenzhou Airport Boulevard Jinao Longwan Longwan million tons of terminals across segments. Currently, the fire department has sent I fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene for rescue. Allegedly, the scene without people trapped. According to Xinhua News Agency, China Dairy Industry Association, informed that from years of continuous monitoring regulatory results, except in one case was discovered illegally added milk drinks, but not found in raw milk dairy add leather hydrolyzate phenomenon. The crisis of confidence caused by the Ministry of Agriculture recently launched a report on the monitoring of the quality and safety of raw milk notification leather hydrolyzed protein as one of the test items appear in the notification. This is the routine monitoring of the activities, and soon revived with leather milk brought to the major sites for the title headlines, which caused an uproar. Like arrange medical staff, a number of indicators need to be checked, but it does not necessarily mean that employees have these diseases.

China Dairy Industry Association, said the agricultural sector in the routine monitoring for raw milk will monitor leather hydrolyzate as one of the elements, while also monitoring other had been on the blacklist of illegal additives, but the monitor does not mean that it adds This substance. According to the AQSIQ spokesman Li Yuanping previous description, date, quality inspection departments have found Park Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jinhua Chen added in milk drinks violations leather hydrolyzed protein, followed accordance with the law dealt with severely. Recently online Shengchuan Ge leather hydrolyzed protein milk reproduction, although the relevant regulatory authorities will soon release information to clarify, but still some people do not believe it. After verification of the relevant departments organized experts to analyze and continuously monitor data, we believe that the current market is not leather protein milk is credible. First, the main reasons are as follows no added motivation. At present, China generally good quality of raw milk, in accordance with current standards meet the production needs of enterprises, do not need to add protein to make up for lack of a prohibited substance under false pretenses. Second, the regulatory strictly illegal risks. At present, all levels of government and relevant departments in nonfood substances added to food to crack down on crime, and strengthen the.

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