Sunday, October 20, 2013

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Milk quality and safety testing, milk collection business Pipi test, adulteration once identified, will be subject to severe punishment, illegal risky. Three are included in the scope of monitoring is to take preventive measures. Years the Ministry of Health announced the food may be illegal to add nonfood substances list of the second batch, leather hydrolyzate as food safety monitoring of a substance listed. This is for the purpose of prevention, it is absolutely necessary. The agricultural sector on the daily monitoring of raw milk, leather hydrolyzate is to monitor the contents of one, in addition to have been on a number of other illegal additives while monitoring the blacklist, but then added that monitoring range substances. Like units arranged for staff to the hospital examination, there are a number of indicators should be checked, but it does not necessarily mean that employees have these diseases the body. From years of continuous monitoring regulatory results, in addition to the discovery of over one illegally added in milk drinks, but not found in raw milk dairy add leather hydrolyzate phenomenon. Piles of garbage like leather scrap usually taking a dip in the pool 35 days which is the first step in making gelatin. Flip washing machine is in the pool scrub skin leather. Typically cleaning thirtyfour hours later, dirty and hard waste leather becomes soft, clean it. Workers are once again on the leather used sorting, part leather foam, some can be recycled wash rerefining.

Editor39s Note This is the date the Southern Metropolis Daily article melamine incident, the problem of food additives clouds entirely. At the end of exposure, Morningside Park, Jinhua added leather hydrolyzed protein powder dairy case. Yet out in China Sanlu Dairy shadows, Morningside Park case once again shocked the public trust in the already fragile sensitive nerves. Month Day, Ministry of Health held illegal abuse of food additives special rectification work conference, the deployment period of years, food safety rectification work, and continue comprehensive remediation of illegal use of food additives behavior. Deputy givenchy shop online Minister of Health Chen Xiaohong stressed that China39s overall food security situation is still not optimistic, especially the illegal use of nonfood substances and the abuse of food additives, some deepseated problems yet to be fundamentally resolved, adding and illegal acts and abuse of food additives are still significant cases occurrence, food additives longterm regulatory mechanisms remain to givenchy cosmetics be created. Since date, the nation has dealt with the abuse of food additives and other cases, the arrests. In addition, Morningside Park events, the National Leading Group Office of special rectification issued the document shows, Zibo, Shandong, Shanxi, Hebei Fucheng area Datong and the existence of illegal use of leather processed into edible gelatin hydrolyzate edible protein products behavior. Currently, leather hydrolyzate has been included food may be illegal to add nonfood substances and ease the abuse of food additives list of species in the second batch. Add a leather hydrolyzate against dairy and dairy production areas is a top priority.

This latest appear in public view in the leather hydrolyzate, its source to where it is exclusive secret or industry unspoken rules how much will it harm Recently, this reporter how the leather turned edible gelatin hydrolyzate and edible protein, for the survey. Learned information indicates that this is a long chain, imported from abroad and from foreign garbage developed Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta manufacturing givenchy handbag entered the leather scraps, a home in the northern town gelatin factory plastic plant soil.

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