Wednesday, October 16, 2013

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Limited production of callus Capsules any message. Full site search, but could not find the message. Municipal Food and Drug Administration said in an interview yesterday, attaches great importance to this incident, the night thematic studies and activate contingency plans, in the city on the production and operation of enterprises to carry out special checks immediate action. According to the current understanding of the situation, leather capsule products primarily in economic pharmacies. Yesterday, the pharmaceutical sector came to Chi Lin Dispensary sampling, found that the pharmacy had indeed been involved in the sale of products, but is now sold out. Currently, the pharmaceutical sector is being carried out involving capsules citywide special supervision and inspection and product testing, once found substandard products will be severely punished according to the law firm and timely manner to the public. Shanghai two capsules of the manufacturers producing many companies now use capsules emergency accepted sampling. City Drug Administration said the drug manufacturers on the city accessories used medicinal hollow capsules givenchy shoes containing normalization strict regulatory measures, but for the detection of givenchy men chromium, in the past done much in the past have found no detection of excessive situation. Recently, at the End of the World Forum, a dazzle rich leather baby sparked competing netizens discuss this famous leather as their life, can not live without the leather capital of woman experiencing the Beijing Sanlitun Silk Dorset other fashion enclave After purchase, the final price of millions of dollars in Zhejiang Haining China Leather City, buy a few pieces of leather fur. Users and thus triggered a heated debate. Then once again set off people show off their wealth of intense discussion of this sensitive words. However, in many voices, there are also a group of women39s behavior on the leather baby heart envy, and thus set off a leather wind. As part of this leather baby booties million purchase of land Haining China Leather City, in the incident has also been widespread concern netizens what this really is a place to find things why the capital, but it can be found here, etc. problems so users are confused. In fact, for Haining China Leather givenchy sneakers City, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces it is not strange, as a total area of 82038203ten thousand square meters, with more than a large leather market shops, Haining Leather City to China in recent years has almost become a leader in the leather fashion trend . Even many domestic film and television stars, have abandoned mall brand leather to Haining Leather City to buy.

In addition to affordable species diversity, the Haining China Leather City style explosion models every year. Leather is very popular in the last instance to play argyle, and then with bright gold metal zippers and buttons, and everyone will be placed in a conspicuous place this style selling. Although this year39s explosion models has not been summed up yearend, but the leather baby photos can be seen in this year39s leather jackets are very popular.

Down to do this type of leather fabric, filling inside a thin feather, because leather jackets nylon fabric than more wind, so long as a small amount of down filling, thermal performance will be very good, for fear of feeling bloated girl winter jacket speaking, both warm and stylish, do both. Hangzhou Xinhua Xinhua April deep steel Yu Xin Jue Huang Haining China Leather City Corporation referred Haining City released the preliminary inquiry and promotion announcement. The company plans to issue no more than million shares, issue.

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