Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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Adding she had never heard of a substance, it is only a faint smile. Stone Village has a dang livestock farms, in the interval, Morningside Park Dairy meters away. The total farm cows. Farm owner told reporters that their milk is supplied to Morningside Park, he said, the factory collapsed, milk is not good to sell. They now have milk money confiscated and a half months back. Morningside Park, the locals generally regretted the collapse, they say, Morningside Park collapsed. Do a factory so hard to destroy it so simple. Garbage gelatin traceable Shandong Boxing Xingfu Town was the origin of China39s two gelatin, leather waste processing plants use givenchy nightingale bag a lot of edible gelatin, or withdrawal of artificial protein powder, to the downstream food plants across the country to provide auxiliary Tim raw materials, Locals know the secret of China is a big country tannery, a large amount of solid waste leather, chrome leather slag tons or more per year. The exposure of Morningside Park, add protein powder leather, chrome leather slag processing is a branch of the chain, edible gelatin is another branch. According to the available information, at the end, the Southern reporter went to Shandong Boxing Xingfu Town investigation. This is located in central Shandong Province, adjacent to the town of Zibo million total population in China two years ago was the origin of the gelatin is another Fucheng County, Hebei Province, the ancient town. Leather waste processing plants use a lot of edible gelatin, or withdrawal of artificial protein powder, to the downstream food plants across the country to provide auxiliary Tim raw materials, the locals were known secret, even once proud.

Years, told reporters here CCTV life junk gelatin into the food production chain for exposure. Years later, the reporter once again came here and found everything continues, but more subtle. Xingfu Town, the eastern outskirts of a brook, brown green dripping water all year round.

Townspeople Fuxiang Long standing Mizobe finger north, along the ditch to go, is a family gelatin factory, the ditch had no water, are these factory row. The water burned men, stained skin auriventris Dragon gelatin factory, just across the road next to the Town. On the morning of May, this veteran of the earliest established Towns gelatin factory, door grilles production is still busy. Full field of white lime keep remnants of the road, while the multiple sequence arranged rectangular pool, pool of green water, soak the piles of garbage like long pieces givenchy watches of leather scraps, four or five other side of the mixer bang flip, the pool in the huge clutter of skin brushing with wadding. Rough rude middleaged guard found the outsider, without any explanation to reporters out the door. Allowed outsiders to come out here. Nor is the boss look at the provisions of this walk north about kilometers, is not far away from the other two Xinlong and dragon gelatin factory. Xinlong processing field area, nestled in a row the company behind the facade. Openair court, a massive piles of blue silk waddinglike entangled gray leather scraps, such as mountains piled under sunlight drying, givenchy pandora bag the release of unpleasant musty odor. Workers told reporters that they are usually called blue leather white control of these, all made from leather leather or leather drum cut down waste, mostly pulled back into a very fine when the leather, but also mix with a lot of mud. Not far from two gelatin plant, disinfection company a master craftsman of the machine next door can be heard daily rumble, he said, do not let the above reorganization edible gelatin, but you can not do big sales.

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